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Rason Lee posted this at 12:38pm, 20/05/19, 5 months ago
Since limited land space is slated for the belt's development, it would be appropriate to go high-rise. I would propose to build on the learning-exchange theme and erect a sky-scraping downtown campus housing workshops for popular interest such as robotics and materials (wood, metal, plastics) working, along with function halls for regular career guidance exhibitions/presentations/competitions, convertible to study halls with pop-up seats retractable into the floor compartment. Public access will be managed through online booking - individuals and school groups are welcome. This is in line with MOE's thrusts for lifelong and broad-based learning.
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Rason Lee posted this at 5:40am, 21/05/19, 5 months ago
Also, since it's 'sky-scrapping', the campus can pile on recreational workshops allied with mental health advocacy (resident therapists not necessarily required), as well as sporting facilities (can consider unique indoor ones). Basically plan by facilities/paraphernalia provision and organise the rest around function rooms and halls. Finally, discuss financing for 'inclusivity'.


Keith Tan posted this at 10:20am, 22/05/19, 5 months ago
That's a great idea @Rason!


Rason Lee posted this at 11:50am, 23/05/19, 5 months ago
Edit: instead of "pop-up seats retractable into the floor compartment", I reckon pit cubicles would be simpler (see attached video).


Rason Lee posted this at 7:55am, 26/05/19, 5 months ago
Btw the red chord attached to the floor flap in the video represents a leash with a hook to make it easier for users to exert force on opening/closing the flaps while maintaining a relatively upright posture. Further ergonomic comparison can be conducted between using flexible leash and rigid stick of varying length, applying moment at varying distance to the midpoint, latched on to an inset terret (i.e. level with flap face). Using such a tool, users themselves can open/close the cubicle.

For ease of maintenance and safety, no built-in motorisation for the opening/closing, except maybe some portable or even autonomous machine to emulate manual levering above the floor surface (to this end, there will be less manual work for the facility helpers).

To prevent foul play or careless leaving-behind of belongings, overhead cameras with image recognition can be used to detect objects and trigger an alarm/notification if cubicle is not cleared while detecting/registering a closure.
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Rason Lee posted this at 8:23pm, 15/06/19, 4 months ago
Here's to set the action plan rolling in case everyone's money is on the learning-exchange campus -

1. Open call for facility and programme planners/tenants to bid with proposal. Commercial and non-profit entities; private and public institutions are welcomed.

2. Survey the public's preference on shortlisted proposals, rejecting too-common attractions that would pose a distraction from promoting the unique. At the same time, elicit suggestions for any activity interest that is not represented in the list and further solicit their proposal.

3. Set up campus board of directors and steering committee to proceed and report on building plan and financial projection with respect to different financing schemes.
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Rason Lee posted this at 8:32pm, 15/06/19, 4 months ago
p/s Building plan discussion is where general facilities such as function halls, study rooms, eateries, shower/changing rooms or even capsule dormitories comes in.


Bing Geng Ng posted this at 5:27am, 19/05/19, 5 months ago
Personally, I do feel that over the years, Singapore already has numerous attractive features across the lifestyle domain that attract people, locals and foreigners alike - our hawker culture, pasar malams and more recently pop-up carnivals, street bazaars and night markets. What is lacking is an area that brings those features together on a sustainable and permanent basis and this could be an opportunity to do so.

If we're looking at Harajuku and Hongdae as bases for comparison, why not consider Taipei's Ximending and Shilin as well? Those places have been popular with youths over many years and even generations.
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Keith Tan posted this at 10:36am, 22/05/19, 5 months ago
Hi guys, I think we could consider yoga!


Alyssa Marie Loo posted this at 1:50pm, 15/06/19, 4 months ago
I think having arts facilities open and accessible for youth groups to book would be really helpful! For example, having jamming studios for budding bands to practice (right now the bands I know either book the Silent Studio at the Esplanade Library or pay even more expensive rates to access a private studio). Or having a sound stage/sets for budding filmmakers to book and use, something like the Youtube Space in Los Angeles. There's currently a lot of mirrors and facilities for dancers to use at *Scape so that's great.

To build a dynamic hub of Singaporean flavour, having a dedicated space for local brands and entrepreneurs would be great too! There's indeed the recently opened [email protected], but most retailers there are for high fashion/furniture/home decor, which don't really appeal to the younger end of youths maybe 15-25. Many of these brands (that sell stationery, enamel pins, jewellery, those kinds of small goods, especially by local artists) are already carried in more 'atas' areas like Jewel, so its just a matter of concentrating them in Somerset.

It'd be interesting to have a dedicated pop-up to sell local zines, which is a quiet but budding scene amongst Singaporean youths. Many zine makers aren't prolific enough to take up a store by themselves, so there could be a store that opens spaces for all zinemakers to stock their zines. 

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LEONG WAI SEE STEPH posted this at 11:26am, 18/06/19, 4 months ago
I believe many youths in the performing arts scene will share the common woe that there is very limited space to practise in Singapore. as an active member in the street dance scene, the community is growing, yet the space for us to practise our craft is getting more scarce. The common areas at Scape is simply not enough for the growing community, and SMU has recently cut back on the spaces available for us to practise and have even evoked security measures to prevent us from practising. And for the music scene, it’s not easy to come by a space that is convenient or affordable for jamming sessions. Hence I hope there will be a performance training hub where young artists have access to space and facilities to train. If there is a need to put in a sustainable business aspect, other than common areas, there can be spaces that can be rented hourly at an affordable rate for young students
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LEONG WAI SEE STEPH posted this at 10:36am, 03/07/19, 3 months ago
Convert the whole Youth Park area near Red Box into an arts & cultural center where dancers, musicians and artists can practice their craft.

For example:
Dancers: mirrors, wide spaces, powers points
Musicians: jamming studios 
Artists: Art Jam studios with good ventilation, gallery
Add-ons: affordable event spaces for dance competitions, concerts and exhibition with lighting and audio support

There can even be a free-to-busk area for artists to just perform in the outdoors. (e.g. Hongdae busking area in South Korea, pedestrian space around Hoan Kiem Lake in central Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi)
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Rason Lee posted this at 4:15am, 04/07/19, 3 months ago
Probably good to plan capacity by first studying said overbooking rate and then run a mock booking exercise piecing together a crowd-sourced event calendar to see what's the demand like. MOE and NAC can inform all schools and arts group to participate.


Ong Kang Xuan posted this at 10:24am, 04/07/19, 3 months ago
I personally feel that sometimes Singapore in general can be quite quiet and to a certain extend boring. If there is a stage set up in a particular place in Somerset (maybe in front of Scape), I think it would be great. We can invite local artistes to perform there once a week. After all, there are actually many local singers and song writers such as Sezairi, Sam Willows and new ones such as Jasmine Sokko and Yuna. However, with that being said, it's sad to note that they are not very well known especially internationally, due to the lack of chances to showcase their talents. I am certain having nice, local music performances would attract more people, let alone teens, to come down to Somerset more often
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Rason Lee posted this at 12:03pm, 04/07/19, 3 months ago
The choice of stage set up is probably between an air-conditioned hall versus a void deck plaza like that of National Library. I guess that can be finalised after considering the other ground level facilities to integrate. Perhaps more to the concert setting would be recording studio and live stream, through a professional platform organised for international reach. Also for capacity planning, imagine the studio facility employs a technical assistant to walk through first time users, who may pay for their bookings through SkillsFuture credits, the planners may then tap into the SkillsFuture communication system and conduct a wish-list survey with SG citizens (in particular instructors) to gauge the demand for various facilities.
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Dumont Emile Francois posted this at 12:31am, 09/07/19, 3 months ago
Being one of the new tenants within Scape and also having a goal towards betterment of the performing arts scene and also creating a support structure for artists and performers etc. Believe we should be combining efforts amongst tenants and youth with the government to help spearhead some of the ideas. As there is alot of red tape to get any project through, we're often left with a much smaller scales down initiative which takes much longer to get youth involved. A vibrant space at the youth park can be changed to fit artists of all art genres. Scape can become an all inclusive facility to be a one stop avenue for youth. From medical, fitness, performing arts and beyond. To provide a platform for youth to explore their loves and at the same time groom them. By getting more fruitful participation will we get more audiences to want to be part of the agenda. By "hyping" the movement, it'll just eventually die out faster than it took to grow organically. Thus, action needs to be taken in steps and with open minds toward the youth development and support in mind first. Of course, as a tenant we still need to make ends meet. If government can subsidise our actions that help with these. It'll reduce our daily worry to keep us from moving away from the youth and the movement. We definitely need more performing spaces allowing artistes of all ages to access. No monopoly of any facilities with cheaper access to prevent stop of foot traffic. We need more communal based communication amongst each other and by doing so creating a safe space to share our thoughts and ideas which Scape has been doing quite well though not widely marketed. We need sports, fitness and wellness collaborations to help youth athletes or those interested to explore that area opportunities to grow. We need more home grown brands for retail by youth for youth to create an ecosystem of collaboration and shared entrepreneurial mindset. We need more inclusive activities to work with the disabled communities and all sectors of it. To teach and educate the importance of community as community isn't supposed to be exclusive. We need to inculcate a generation that has empathy and love for any human being. A big step and a long journey but with each person in that direction it'll become easier to do. I don't know if I've missed anything but definitely what I can think of now is here. Thank you for your patience if you read till the end!
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