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Denise Chng posted this at 1:03am, 28/06/19, 4 months ago
Simple! Set up monthly meet-up, build a real community with real human connections. The Internet is only a tool to store data.


Rason Lee posted this at 7:37pm, 19/05/19, 5 months ago
Do treat the process a double-blind one, don't appeal to personal authority.

Do be brutally efficient at translating muses into actionable propositions like in an executive summary, don't engage in semantic arguments.

Do distinguish impressionistic comment 'likes' from targeted poll results, don't prejudice contributions in their raw forms.


Jan Chan posted this at 11:10pm, 16/06/19, 4 months ago
In many online forums I've been to, people aren't able to distinguish popular arguments from valid arguments. When someone makes a claim that doesn't agree with your sentiments, that doesn't make the claim wrong.


Dumont Emile Francois posted this at 12:42am, 09/07/19, 3 months ago
Communities are built on time and effort. That includes fire fighting and having constant listening ear toward each individual. No one treated more respectfully than another. A fair and even ground where opinions are taken with a pinch of salt. To share in a safe space is to allow individuals to talk about things they would rarely be comfortable talking about. To do that, we must know we aren't up any forces that'll change the direction of conversation or cut one off because I thought differently. I agree with monthly meetings face to face with a group. No panels no stage but a guide or someone to lead the conversation. Anyone including government officials sit amongst those in discussion and of course share your views. Create a safe space by example.
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